along a wooded path...

...Sunlight pushes through the high leaves above and dapples the ground by your feet, dances up your legs and glances off your shoulders. The light breeze keeps you cool and your skin feels slightly thin.


Ahead, you see the river and the path leading to its edge. Beached at a slight angle in the sand, is a boat.


You grab the nose of the boat and push it backwards into the water and step in. Your wet footprints darken the dry bleached wood inside the boat, bringing the grain back to life in vivid contrast. It was impossible to not get your feet wet and, as you glide away from the bank, you feel the unobstructed sunlight and know that you'll dry quick enough.


As you drift into the center of the river, you look both directions. The current is slow, almost lake-like and this area is so serene that it's difficult to gauge which way it's heading. You could sit here in the sunlight all day, you think. Just let the current eventually push you one way or the other, but you're beginning to feel antsy. You've got a butterfly-buzz in your stomach and the sunlight is warming you- tempering you towards work. You feel like an explorer and the kindling fire of childhood adventure begins to brighten and glow in the center of you, despite the bright day.


You drop the heavy oars in the brass outriggers and sit yourself between them. All your movement has set the boat turning lazily in the river, like the slowing spinner in a game of Life.